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Supply one of Australia’s leading Angus and Wagyu feedlots and join Australia’s most awarded beef brand.

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What we can offer you

Be part of an established supply chain

We’ve been in the lot feeding business for almost 65 years, so we’ve had plenty of time to hone our craft. We have a secure and vertically integrated supply chain and a diverse portfolio of markets for our beef products which makes us resilient in unprecedented times.

Family owned and operated

Stockyard’s operations were established by Del and Robin Hart A.M back in 1958. Our company is now led by Robin’s son, Lachie Hart and his wife Sarah, and we remain proudly 100% family owned and operated.

Being solely family owned means we operate like a small business with genuine family values and the backing of decades of knowledge and experience. You’ll be joining our family and we are committed to supporting the growth of your business alongside ours.

Access Australia’s most awarded beef brand & global markets

From Japan to Dubai, our grain-fed beef is a world-class award winner. The proof is in our dedicated customer base, many of whom follow our brand across restaurants and even countries.

We’ll get to know your family and you’ll get to know ours

We value the relationships we build with our suppliers. We want to understand who you are, your business model, and how we can help you achieve some long-term goals with us.

You won’t work with an agent who solely has price in mind. Instead, our decisions are driven by quality and consistency of supply. We’re committed to doing contracts well in advance to make your business planning easier. Plus, we can also offer flexibility both in our purchasing options and in solutions when our industry inevitably throws you a curveball.

Key criteria for Wagyu suppliers

We’re looking for feeder cattle for inclusion into our grain-fed Wagyu program with the following credentials:

Fullblood, Pure Bred, F1 or higher (from selected breeding programs)

12-15 (0-6 teeth)


Must be covered under National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) and purchases are completed in accordance with the National Vendor Declaration.


Key criteria for Angus suppliers

We’re looking for feeder cattle for inclusion into our grain-fed Angus program with the following credentials:

Angus and Angus X (at least 75% Angus)

16-24 (0-2 teeth)

380 to 480kg

We provide a pricing grid to all our vendors. This is updated regularly based on market conditions. To request the latest pricing grid, please contact us.

About our feedlot

Located in Jondaryan in Queensland, Stockyard’s Kerwee Feedlot is home to one of Australia’s leading lot feeding, breeding, grazing and grain farming operations.

Kerwee Feedlot has a capacity of 20,200 head and exceeds industry standards and benchmarks across several areas include pen size, shade, ration quality, weight gain, carcass performance, manure management.

We run two main feeding programmes:

400 day grain fed Wagyu (Fullblood, Wagyu X F1 or higher)
200 day grain fed Angus (Fullblood, Angus X at least 75%)

Feed rations are specified by a qualified nutritionist to ensure all animals are receiving the right protein content for their age.


Meet the team

Gino De Stefani
Feedlot Manager
0400 411 122
[email protected]

Phoebe Jenkins
Genetic Improvement Officer
0439 221 469
[email protected]

Lachie Hart
Managing Director
0408 467 803
[email protected]


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