Stockyard Beef Triumphs with Two Gold Medals at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards

Stockyard is thrilled to announce its success at the prestigious Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards. The company has been awarded two gold medals for Stockyard Gold and kiwami by Stockyard, reaffirming its commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and experiences to meat connoisseurs worldwide. 

Stockyard Gold, a testament to the finest Angus genetics and renowned for its consistently extraordinary eating quality, has received the coveted gold medal for its remarkable taste and exceptional marbling. With a commitment to an all-natural white grain ration and non-GMO feed, the purity of sweet Angus flavour shines through every mouthful of Stockyard Gold. Achieving the highest score in the grain-fed categories at 95 out of 100 points, Stockyard Gold stood ahead of all 11 competitors by four points.  

kiwami by Stockyard, the pinnacle in Stockyard’s Wagyu beef portfolio, was also awarded a gold medal in the Marble Score 5+ category for its exquisite blend of mouthwatering flavours, tenderness, and luxurious richness. kiwami by Stockyard exemplifies the art of Wagyu craftsmanship, with marble scores of 9+, scores that exceed Australian standards. Stockyard Black, the label reserved for beef that achieves a marble score of 8 or 9, also secured Silver in the same category. Stockyard’s Wagyu cattle are grain-fed for over 400 days at Kerwee Feedlot in sunny Jondaryan, on the famous Darling Downs in Queensland.  

“We are elated to have received these prestigious gold medals at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards. These accolades underscore our unwavering commitment to producing exceptional beef. The care and craft of our team, day in and day out, has been recognised today,” said David Clark, General Manager Sales at Stockyard Beef.  

“To achieve awards like this requires excellence at every point in the supply chain – perfect genetics, bred well; exacting standards at our Kerwee Feedlot to meet the nutritional needs of our animals; and extraordinary customer service to deliver beef to over 17 international markets and here in Australia. We’ve been honing this craft for over 65 years and are excited to be able to represent the very best of Australian agriculture on a global stage.”  

These awards will bring Stockyard’s medal tally at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards to 36 over the last 16 years, having been listed as a finalist in the President’s Medal in 2022, which saw the company compete against products from across the entire Wine, Dairy, and other fine food categories.  

Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards are synonymous with agricultural excellence and underpin Australia’s growing agricultural performance and innovation. Experts in their respective fields, recognised nationally and internationally for their knowledge of product and knowledge of industry, this year scrutinized over 33 entrants to determine the medalists. 

Stockyard breed, raise and feed premium grain-fed Wagyu and Angus cattle from their properties located at Jondaryan, on the Darling Downs in Queensland and at Glen Innes, on the lush green pastures of the Northern Tablelands in New South Wales. Still 100% owned by the Hart family, Stockyard has been dedicated to bringing people together over outstanding beef since its inception in 1958. Stockyard’s dedication to craftsmanship, ethical practices, and delivering unforgettable culinary experiences continues to make it a preferred choice among chefs, restaurants, and connoisseurs worldwide. 

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