We’re committed to uncovering the secret to producing Australia’s best beef and part of that discovery lies in our genetics.

Our genetics

We breed our own Wagyu fullblood and crossbred cattle on Kingsgate Station, situated on the lush green pastures of the Northern Tablelands in the New England region of New South Wales. Our genetics are based predominantly on the bloodlines from the Tajima Prefecture of Japan renowned for their high marbling. We have been collaborating with the original importers of wagyu genetic into Australia and have continued to use performance data to breed the highest quality and most consistent lines of cattle available outside Japan.

Our vision

Our vision is to supply fullblood and crossbred Wagyu cattle that produce outstanding marbling yet hit target weights in the most efficient way possible. Ultimately, this will allow us to produce the world’s best beef with reduced lifecycle emissions.

We undertake genetic analysis and performance benchmarking of our animals to track the genetics and feeding formulas that result in superior carcass results. We use DNA tracing and independent grading systems provided by AUS-MEAT and Meat Standards Australia to underpin our discoveries.

Across the next five to ten years, our Wagyu herd will be able to produce over 5,000 cattle annually.