Located 2 hours out of Brisbane, Queensland, lies the sun-kissed Darling Downs – home to some of the best cattle producing country in the world and our Kerwee feedlot.

Kerwee is one of Australia’s premier feedlots specialising in producing high quality Wagyu and Angus beef to meet the demand of the world’s most discerning consumers.

Our property

Founded in 1958, Stockyard’s Kerwee feedlot is the finishing residence for our cattle. Here we feed the cattle that supply our Stockyard brands under strict animal welfare, environmental and safety standards. The property also supports our backgrounding, grazing and grain growing operations.

Wagyu breeding & genetics

We’re committed to uncovering and practicing the secrets to producing Australia’s best beef and part of that discovery lies in our genetics.

We care about our cattle

We colloquially refer to our feedlot as a 5-star hotel and our livestock people as our ‘Care Team’ because our animals want for nothing. Discover more about the daily lives of our cattle.

Our accreditations

Our Kerwee feedlot has a strong reputation for exceeding industry standards in animal health and welfare, environmental control, feed innovations and sustainable farming. This is demonstrated through our list of accreditations.