Sustainability is a core pillar in our business.


But for our predecessors it hasn’t always been. So, the regeneration of the creek that runs through our property has been a 30 year mission.

When European settlers arrived in the Darling Downs, Oakey Creek suffered. Native fish struggled to compete with introduced carp species; poor riparian management and waste material entering the river system resulted in dirty water and loss of breeding locations; and overharvesting disrupted natural water flow.

Since the early 1990s, we’ve been restoring the creek to its original glory by rehabilitating the riparian zone and re-introducing native species of Murray cod, Golden perch and Silver perch into the creek.

Now, native fish are found in abundance in our creek. Consequently, native insect and bird species found in the rehabilitated zone have increased due to the abundance of food sources now provided.

Alongside Queensland Fisheries, we conduct research to track the fish population growth and movement.


Our research has uncovered some interesting facts about cod behaviour too! One of our tagged Murray Cod swam over 300kms returning to its home here at Kerwee after 10 days. That’s over 30 kms a day!

Here is how we do it

Releasing fingerlings into the creek

Provided nesting homes in the form of logs into the creek for breeding

Hundreds of trees planted around the creek

Introduced riparian zone and prevented cattle from disrupting the grassy creek edge that homes fledgling species

Track & research native species movement