Our people are at the forefront of everything we do – they are leaders in their fields and allow us to push boundaries and strive for continuous improvement daily.

A safer workplace

Safety has always been a vital part of Stockyard’s culture – from those on the tools daily to the board room. Our teams are regularly able to identify opportunities to remove risks and develop alternatives for a safer workplace environment.

Being a family owned and operated business, workplace concerns can be promptly considered, and necessary changes can be expedited.

Equal opportunity employer

We’re committed to recruiting passionate individuals irrespective of their background. Our focus is to create an environment in which our team can succeed – whether that’s through providing access to training and education or supporting them when things are tough with an Employee Assistance Program.

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Our team culture

Our lives revolve around the production of food – we’ve dedicated our careers to it. So, to ensure that every Stockyard employee feels part of the team, we have monthly team lunches, regular product tastings and celebrate teamwork across the organisation. It is not one team player that has achieved our extensive list of awards, achievements, and accreditations but all of us together.