We’ve long been leading the pack with animal welfare as one of the first Australian feedlots to introduce shade across all our pens.

We care for our animals because we want them to have a happy and healthy life where they can flourish in the environment we provide. This makes great sense for the animal, but also the consistency of the final product.

Through our leadership within the feedlot industry our managers have been instrumental in the formation and adoption of industry standards and guidelines for monitoring and managing heat within feedlots.

Good animal welfare is a legal requirement in Australia, and cruelty to animals is a criminal offence.

We adhere to the strict national guidelines, audited through the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme, which accounts for all animal welfare standards including pen size; access to food, water and shade; and regular health monitoring needs.

Our leaders continue to represent the whole of our industry in striving for continuous improvement for all cattle across Australia.

Our primary role is to ensure that our cattle have the best life possible when they are in our care.

We honestly believe that is our responsibility as an organisation. We are stewards of our land and the custodians of the animals in our care. This role is something our people take immense pride in.

We colloquially refer to our feedlot as a 5-star hotel and our livestock people as our ‘Care Team’ because our animals want for nothing.

Our Approach

We have centred our approach around the 5 freedoms of animal welfare. We ensure every one of these freedoms are met daily at our feedlot.

Our customers and the public also demand that we hold the highest animal welfare standards and we’re glad they share our sentiments.