Stockyard is committed to being a leader in sustainable beef production.

We strive to find ways to better care for our animals, the environment, the community and each other.

Animal welfare

Whether it’s at the feedlot, or across our breeding, backgrounding and processing operations, our goal is to ensure we have happy and healthy cattle. More than half of our organisations people are dedicated to the care of our livestock.


Looking after the land is vital to our operations. We keep the sustainability of our agricultural practices at the heart of all our management processes. We’re involved in industry research projects to uncover new discoveries that help us and the industry do better with less resources where ever we can. Nurturing our environment is part of our daily practice and a focus of the whole organisation.


Our people are at the forefront of everything we do – whether it’s safety, equal opportunity recruitment or team culture. Stockyard would be nothing without our people and we are focussed on their growth, development and wellbeing at every level of the organisation.


We’re committed to ensure our industry and the local communities in which we work, prospers alongside us. It is from our family values that our team culture was born and we believe it takes a healthy strong community to raise a sustain a family based organisation.