Through a program of continuous improvement since 1958, the Stockyard Group has made significant investments throughout the entire supply chain in animal genetics, breeding and backgrounding cattle: lot feeding programs and processing innovation in order to guarantee quality and consistency.

Every step in the production chain is monitored for quality and safety to ensure Stockyard beef meets the highest expectations from the world’s leading chefs and retailers.

Stockyard specialises in the production of long grain fed Angus and Wagyu beef using non GMO feedstuffs and no hormone growth promotants.


Stockyard’s long fed beef is derived from Angus cattle fed on grain for a minimum of 200 days at the Kerwee Feedlot on a specially formulated high energy grain ration.


For centuries, the Japanese kept their Wagyu genetics under tight control, not releasing them to the world until the late 20th century.


kiwami, meaning Outstanding Excellence, is our finest Wagyu, hand selected to provide beef with a combination of silky flavours, tenderness, taste and juiciness that will exceed expectation and guarantee the ultimate dining experience.