Masterchef Finalist Audra Morrice shares her recipe for Stockyard Wagyu

During the recent Food and Hotel Asia trade fair held in Singapore, Stockyard staff had the opportunity to meet Audra Morrice, a finalist in Masterchef Australia 2012. As a child, Audra grew up in multicultural Singapore, and this rich mix of cultures instilled a lifelong love of good food. Since her time on Masterchef she has parlayed this love of Asian inspired food into a successful business in Sydney, where she shares her passion catering, speaking and teaching cooking. Her love of both sweet and savoury combined with her upbringing in Asia has created a truly eclectic, modern yet familiar style of cooking. Audra was enthusiastic after trying Stockyard Wagyu Rump: “Rump is one of my favourite cuts of meat to cook with. Learning to cook meat the right way resulting in a tender and juicy finish is an absolute joy, and this is a big part of what’s taught in my cooking classes. There is such value in learning how to cook various cuts of beef, whether it’d be slow braising the tougher cuts like chuck, cheeks and brisket that are usually so full of flavour, or quick searing rumps steaks and even skirt and flank steaks. Here’s where your true understanding of how a piece of meat is structured will help you understand what chefs refer to by saying “slice across the grain. Then we have Stockyard Wagyu rump, with its variable marbling score, cooked well, just takes it up a notch. The fat marbling creates a much more tender and juicy result. This class showcases the Stockyard Wagyu Rump, Australian beef at its best.” Audra also shared one of her favourite ways to prepare Stockyard’s Wagyu Rump: “Lightly marinated in smoked salt and lemon infused avocado oil, seared on both sides till nicely charred, then straight into the oven until the beef is cooked till medium rare. It’s really important to then let the beef rest after cooking; this allows all the muscles to relax and helps seal in the juices, resulting in an amazingly tender juicy piece of meat. To serve, simply slice thinly across the grain on the diagonal and serve with an assortment of raw mushroom with an orange tamari dressing! Delicious!” We were truly excited to hear of Audra’s use of Stockyard Wagyu, which is undeniably aligned with our ethos of innovation with food. For more information on Audra’s catering and cooking class events, go to or email [email protected]