Marcus Doumany joins Stockyard as General Manager of Livestock Operations

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Marcus Doumany to fill the role of General Manager of Livestock Operations, commencing in November 2022.

Marcus will bring to the Stockyard Group a broad depth of knowledge and experience across the entire livestock production supply chain. He has managed large pastoral operations for Australian Agricultural Company (AACo), including the responsibility of their Wagyu breeding and backgrounding operations. He then went on to lead and manage AACo’s Goonoo Feedlot – a 20,000 head wagyu feedlot. Marcus then moved with his family to Western Australia, where he was responsible for strategy development of new beef supply chain projects in his capacity as Business Development Manager for Harvest Road. Most recently, he was the feedlot manager at Grassdale – an 80,000 head feedlot operated by Mort & Co.

With this background, together with his passion for livestock and the people that care for them, Marcus will be responsible for developing and growing the critical livestock operations required to successfully fulfill Stockyard’s 2030 strategy.

Marcus is very excited to be joining Stockyard and continuing our proud achievements over the last 64 years.

It’s not the first touch point that the Doumany family have had with the business. When Stockyard’s founder, Robin Hart, was searching for a brand name for the new boxed beef operation he was starting in 1973, he sought the advice of a young marketing specialist. That person was Sam Doumany, Marcus’ father. So, it is fitting that Marcus will be overseeing the production which fulfils much of the initial vision for the brand.