kiwami by Stockyard wins champion Wagyu at Perth Royal Food Awards

On top of the success Stockyard has had in the delicious. Magazine and Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show this year, Stockyard has picked up four new awards in the annual Perth Royal Food Awards.

Stockyard’s premium wagyu label, kiwami by Stockyard, was awarded a gold medal in the Wagyu category with the highest score in the category. Outperforming all other producers in the category, kiwami by Stockyard was also crowned the champion Wagyu of the show.

Boasting marble scores of 9 plus, kiwami by Stockyard provides diners with the most decadent eating experience. These cattle are fed a nutritionally designed, natural grain ration at Stockyard’s Kerwee Feedlot.

The award recognises significant achievement made by Stockyard to deliver quality and consistency to consumers worldwide.

David Clark, General Manager Sales and Marketing at Stockyard, said “Our teams have been trained to identify Stockyard’s flavour profiles and marbling requirements. We are regularly testing our products through in-house tastings and visual marble assessments. It’s all part of the process of ensuring that every product that reaches our customers is the same quality they have come to expect from Stockyard.”

Stockyard’s Wagyu Black and Gold labels also received medals at the awards.

Stockyard’s Wagyu Black label was awarded gold in the export category. Stockyard Black label is heralded for its exceptional marbling and flavour profile, with judges commenting it has “flavours of soft buttery caramel, cereal and cashew nut”. Wagyu under this label achieves a marble score of 8-9.

Meanwhile, Stockyard Gold, the organisation’s angus brand, won a silver medal and was the highest scored in the grain-fed category. Stockyard Gold has established itself in markets as a consistent and premium product, full of robust flavours and fine flecks of marbling.

David Clark, General Manager Sales and Marketing at Stockyard, commented on the wins, saying: “It’s such a privilege to be recognised so highly in the Perth Royal Food Awards and is a testament to our dedication to provide the consistent quality and experience that Stockyard is renowned for.

“It wouldn’t be the case without our incredible team – those who are behind our production, in our supply chain, and those who work tirelessly to get it into market in challenging environments. This is all their hard work at play.”

“Demand for Stockyard’s Angus and Wagyu product remain strong despite the challenges that COVID-19 have thrown our way, which is proof that Australian beef remains some of the best in the world,” said David.

Part of the success of Stockyard long-standing award wins and consistent quality lies in their genetics. Stockyard is making significant investments in their breeding operations, securing a lease on a property in Glen Innes, NSW as a home for their growing 1,200 head herd. They also partner upstream with key producers who offer consistently high-performing genetics and those who share Stockyard’s mission for sustainable beef production.

The prestigious Perth Royal Food Award is dedicated to celebrating the nation’s finest branded produce, where winners are scored in an objective blind test based on the beef’s appearance, tenderness, flavour, juiciness, and overall liking for a total of 100 points.

Stockyard breeds, raises and feeds premium grain-fed Wagyu and Angus cattle from their properties located in Queensland and NSW. Our Stockyard branded beef can be found in award winning restaurants, leading hotels and amongst family and friends here in Australia and in over 20 international markets.

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