Kanpai Co visit to Kerwee

The Kerwee group welcomed staff members from Kanpai Co., a Taiwan-based Yakiniku restaurant chain, on their recent visit to Queensland. Kanpai utilise high-grade wagyu cuts for BBQ dishes, and if you are in the Da-an district in Taipei, it is a spectacular venue to enjoy the best of Stockyard beef. The Kanpai team visited our processing facility to observe how our stringent quality controls and product specifications ensure a consistently excellent offering of the best Australian wagyu beef. The team were also able to spend time at Kerwee feedlot, meeting our chairman Robin Hart AM, managing director Lachie Hart, marketing manager David Clark, and our feedlot manager Steve Martin. They were impressed with the world class design of the feedlot, and also the passion shown by our entire feedlot team towards ensuring that our cattle benefit from our vertically integrated supply chain. One of the highlights of their visit was a barbecue, where they were able to enjoy Stockyard Black Label cube roll steaks cooked under a beautiful starry sky. Click on the below links to see some great photos of the Kanpai restaurant in downtown Taipei, and some of their dishes utilising Stockyard wagyu. http://tinyurl.com/hrhjaul http://tinyurl.com/hqvkc4v Remember to follow us on Instagram to see these and more fantastic photos.