25 AUGUST 2021

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Meet the family behind your beef

Stockyard was established by Del and Robin Hart, who dedicated their careers to the pursuit of uncovering the secret to creating the beef that would meet the needs of the world’s most discerning diners.

Our company is now led by Robin’s son, Lachie Hart and his wife Sarah, and our vision is largely unchanged – we’re aiming to be the world’s most renowned beef.

Where you can find us

2 hours outside of Brisbane is a small town called Jondaryan, which has been home to Stockyard’s Kerwee Feedlot for over 6 decades.  Set across 1280 hectares, the property is home to our lot feeding, breeding, grazing and grain farming operations.

The property has been in the Hart family for five generations.

The location of Kerwee is not by accident.

It is surrounded by some of Australia’s richest soils that help support our farming operations.

It is near to processing partners and sits above an exceptional water source for our cattle – the Great Artesian Basin. The Great Artesian Basin is the largest underground freshwater resources in the world, stretching over 1.7 million square kilometres. We source this fresh, clean water from 500m below the Earth’s surface.

Combined with the regions stable weather, the location is ideal for raising award-winning cattle.

Our brands

Stockyard Gold

Stockyard Gold is derived from Angus cattle who are fed a natural grain ration for around 200 days. Stockyard Gold has been a consistent medal winner at branded beef competitions held in Australia over the last 20 years.

This label won Gold recently at the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show in 2021.

Stockyard Gold was featured in Louis’ tartar as well as Kelvin’s tenderloin dish.

Stockyard Wagyu Red

Part of our suite of labels dedicated to our Wagyu genetics, beef in this label achieves a marble score between 4 and 5. These animals are on a grain ration for over 400 days.

You are still yet to try our Stockyard Red label. We couldn’t possibly fit them all in one night!

Stockyard Wagyu Silver

Boasting marble scores between 6-7, this label is from cattle with Wagyu genetics.

You’ll have to try this label when you’re next at SK Steak & Oyster – go for the sirloin or eye fillet.

Stockyard Wagyu Black

This label is reserved for Wagyu beef with marble scores 8-9. Similarly, to all our cattle, they’ve been fed a natural grain ration. Beef in this label results in a truly decadent eating experience due to the high and fine marbling quality.

This label won Grand Champion at the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show this year, helping us secure our fifth consecutive win at these awards.

Kiwami by Stockyard

kiwami by Stockyard is our top-shelf Wagyu brand with a marble score of 9+.

Meaning ‘Outstanding excellence’ in Japanese, this brand includes beef that has been hand-selected to give the most decadent eating experience.

This label was showcased in Louis’ pho broth and Andrew’s chuck eye roll. Yum!

What they’re fed

Part of the secret lies in what we feed our animals.

The ration we feed our animals is nutritionist-designed and specialised for our Angus and Wagyu breeds. It consists of a mix of steam flaked grain (wheat, barley, sorghum or corn), silage, straw and cereal hays, liquid supplement, molasses, vegetable oil and protein meals.

Under Stockyard’s natural feed program, our cattle are free from hormone growth promotants and their feed is free from antibiotics, animal by-products or genetically modified (GMO) feed products.

How they are fed

The other part of our success is that we choose to feed our cattle in pens. This allows us to guarantee their wellbeing. Happy cattle result in delicious beef.

We colloquially refer to our feedlot as a 5-star hotel because our animals want for nothing.

Our livestock team check on our animals individually every single day – rain, hail or shine.

They have 24/7 access to clean water and shade and a twice daily feeding schedule designed to meet our cattle’s natural daily feeding patterns.

Our animals roam freely in yards that are around 3000m2, which is roughly the size of 6 basketball courts put together.

Plus, we’re planning to be around forever

To do that, our business has instilled values into its culture that sees a deep respect for our animals and environment and a nimbleness in our operation that enables us to tackle challenges quickly.

Stockyard remains Australia’s only beef brand that has achieved Global G.A.P accreditation – an internationally recognised standard encompassing safe and sustainable agriculture, regenerative farming practices and livestock welfare.